The Top Gun 2040 5-in-1 is a Multi Process (Multi-Process) Dual Pulse MIG Welder, AC/DC (ACDC) Tig, Stick Welder and Plasma Cutter combination machine. With synergic functions for all welding processes, and up to 40A plasma cutting capabilities, this single phased beast is the perfect unit for for any project, at home or in the workshop. This feature packed machine also has 15KG spool compatibility with dual wire feed motors.

What’s in the box:

  • Operator’s Manual
  • 3 MTR MB24 Euro-Fit MIG Torch
  • 4 MTR Tig 26 Torch with Thumbwheel Control
  • 6 MTR PT60 Plasma Torch with Euro Central Adaptor
  • 3 MTR Earth Lead with 600A Clamp
  • 3 MTR Electrode Lead with Tong Type Electrode Holder
  • Quick Coupler For Gas Outlet on Front Panel
  • Quick Connect Gas Connection
  • 2 MTR PVC Gas Hose
  • 15A Fitted Plug